20under30As part of Labyrinth’s commitment to keeping theater affordable to all audience members, we’re happy to announce our new 20 Under 30 initiative. The name says it all. If you’re 30 years old or under, you can purchase tickets to Labyrinth shows for only $20.00.

To take advantage of this initiative, all you have to do is bring a valid I.D. that shows your date of birth to our box office. (Unfortunately you cannot purchase 20 Under 30 tickets online at this time. Only in person at our box office.)

Labyrinth believes that everyone, regardless of their economic incomes and backgrounds, should have access to great theater. Every year, Labyrinth raises money through contributions from a variety of generous businesses and organizations as well as from everyday patrons like yourself that allow us to keep our ticket prices low and affordable so that the greatest number of people have the opportunity to experience live theater. At Labyrinth we believe money should never be a roadblock to the arts. Only by keeping theater affordable for everyone can we encourage future generations of artists and audiences to come together and experience the most universal and democratic of art forms – the theater.