Ever been to a dive bar?  Got a cellphone?  Excellent — us too.  That’s why we’re announcing the Radiance dive bar photo contest.

Since Radiance takes place in a dive bar, snap a pic of your favorite local watering hole and be automatically entered to have your tasteful shots blown up and shown in the Labyrinth lobby during a special cocktail party IN YOUR HONOR after a performance Radiance  — for which, of course, you’ll get VIP tickets.  Sound good?

Six winners will be chosen by our Company Photographer Monique Carboni and Radiance Scenic Designer David Meyer.  Here’s what you gotta do:

Step 1: Go to favorite dive bar (anywhere in the world!).
Step 2: Take amazing picture.
Step 3: Post said amazing picture to our Facebook page or tag us with it on Twitter.

The contest begins October 22nd and continues through Halloween!

Why the heck are we doing this?  Well, Radiance, our first World Premiere production of the 2012/13 Season, takes place in 1955 at El Gato Negro — a seedy dive bar off Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles — so, we got to thinking: dive bars are unique places — even beautiful ones.  For some, they represent a kind of last-resort solace, a place where you can escape the troubles of the world in a dimly-lit haze of smoke and music.  For others, they can be a kind of home away from home, where familiar faces and worn-in bar stools represent constancy and comfort amidst the chaos of life.  Either way, we’ve all been to one.  And a lot of us have our favorite.

We want to see yours.