This week we chat with Nice Girl cast member Kathryn Kates. Kathryn is probably best known for her recurring role on Seinfeld in the iconic “Babka” and “Marble Rye” episodes. In addition to having appeared in plays at NYTW and Atlantic Theater Company, Kathryn can also be seen on Orange is the New Black and in the forthcoming Judd Hirsch series Small Miracles.

1. When did you realize you wanted to be an actor?

I’m still not absolutely positive that I want to be an actor.  I keep the dream of working in a bakery on the back burner.

2. What’s one piece of advice you’ve received during your career that’s really stuck with you?

The only advice I have ever gotten was “go back to New York.”  I did. And I’m glad. And I’m not leaving.

3. In Nice Girl you play Francine, Josephine’s housebound mother who has a complicated relationship with her daughter. What are you most looking forward to in terms of bringing this character to life?

This woman is so much like my own mother. It’s fun to be seeing her without fighting. Just being her. Understanding her more.Liv Rooth, Kathryn Kates, Diane Davis, Nick Cordero

4. What’s your favorite thing about doing theater?

Rehearsal. I could spend my life rehearsing a play.

5. What’s one role you’re dying to play?

The next one, whatever it is.