We recently caught up with company member Alfredo Narciso and asked him about the experience of returning to the Labyrinth stage in The Way West five years after making his Labyrinth debut in Thinner Than Water. Here’s what he had to say:

It’s been a couple of weeks since we started working on Mona Mansour’s play The Way West. At the first read-through, I was struck by one of my character’s lines. After having revealed to his ex-girlfriend (played by Nadia Bowers) that he recently got engaged, he says: “I can’t believe it. It’s just us, growing up.” I guess it hit me, because exactly this time five years ago, I was in rehearsals for my first play with Labyrinth (Thinner Than Water by Melissa Ross); that play was also directed by Mimi O’Donnell and co-starred Didi O’Connell (both of whom are directing and acting in The Way West, respectively). So rehearsing at the theater again, with some of the same people, half a decade later, is like holding a mirror up to my life. In Thinner, I played Gary – a single, pot-smoking, comic-book store employee, who lives in his mother’s garage and yearns for greater connection. In The Way West, I play Luis – a recently engaged, previously bibulous, civil servant, who doesn’t live with his fiancée (because her family wants them to get married first) but also yearns for greater connection.  Now, granted, I may be augmenting those particular comparisons but, as a person, I’ve grown up and my priorities have changed. What remains constant is the need for greater connection. So, I’m thrilled to be working back at Lab with people that I now consider my family. And, as Luis says, on two separate occasions: “It’s nice to see you guys”. “I missed you.”