Mark Hammer*
Salvatore Inzerillo*
Russell G. Jones*
Trevor Long*
Tiprin Mandalay
Chris McGarry*
Ana Ortiz*
Richard Petrocelli*
Begonya Plaza
Felix Solis*
David Zayas*
Liza Colón-Zayas*

*Labyrinth Theater Company Member

In Arabia We’d All Be Kings is the haunting tale of the darker side of New York City. Set amidst the new, antiseptic Times Square, an eccentric mix of people — from alcoholic hookers to an ex-con crackhead to an actor-turned-gigolo — meet to drink, talk, f–ck, attempt to make some sense of it all, and, simply, survive, the events in their seemingly inconsequential lives eerily mirroring the angst of a society hurtling towards the new millenium.

“Guirgis has a real talent for capturing the wit and absurdity in the most hopeless situation, and in a beautifully realized scene.”

– TimeOut NY

“Mr. Hoffman has mounted a crisp and taut production and has molded his good cast into a strong ensemble that never seems to pause to catch its breath.”

– The New York Times

“The acting by the 12-member ensemble is uniformly exceptional.”

– Daily News

“A magnificent achievement.”

– In Theater

“Hoffman has directed the piece with equal amounts of humor, heart, and humanity and has instilled a level of dignity.”

– Backstage