The Barn Series is Labyrinth’s free reading series that allows audiences the chance to encounter great new plays in their final stages of development. Tickets are free to the public and are available starting at 6pm on the reading date ONLY at the Bank Street Theater. Two tickets max per person. BEST and BESTEST Friends With Benefits can reserve tickets in advance by clicking here.



Tuesday, May 31 at 7pm
Written by Lucy Thurber
Directed by Thomas Sadoski
with Lauren Annunziata, Dan Butler, Chris Chalk, Samantha Soule & Trudie Styler

Maggie and Phil have it all: an opulent brownstone in Manhattan, endless vacations to Europe, and money – lots and lots of money. When their daughter Becca brings her fiancée home to meet the family, the cash-strapped Annabelle is introduced to a world she’s always hungered for. And once she’s gotten a taste of how the other half lives, she’ll do anything to hold on to it.


Wednesday, June 1 at 7pm
Written by Mel Nieves
Directed by Jenna Worsham
with Blanca Camacho, Gilbert Cruz, Dalia Davi, Paula Pizzi-Black, Otto Sanchez, Aldo Uribe & Rocky Vega

When his mother dies, Ramon returns to his old neighborhood to reconnect with the estranged wife and teenage son he abandoned years ago. He’s ready to pick things up where they left off, but his family has moved on – and they have no intention of repeating the past. An intergenerational story about the possibilities of reconciliation, unconditional forgiveness and a past that refuses to be left behind.


Thursday, June 2 at 7pm
Written by James Anthony Tyler
Directed by Charlotte Brathwaite
with Sebastian Arroyo, Liza Fernandez, Myra Lucretia Taylor, Chinaza Uche & Pernell Walker

Isabel, Yusef and Xiomara work at a knock-off version of Kinko’s in Harlem. Promotions are rare. Raises are rarer. But when Yusef is given the chance to work his way up by spying on his co-workers, friendships are tested and loyalty turns out to be less valuable than cold hard cash in this searing new play about disadvantaged people colliding in a capitalistic society.


Monday, June 6 at 7pm
Written & Directed by Aaron Mark
with Alison Fraser

Following Empanada Loca, Squeamish is the third installment in Aaron Mark’s cycle of solo horror plays. In this grotesque tale of phobia and compulsion, a highly medicated recovering alcoholic Upper West Side psychotherapist’s bloody awakening begins when she finds herself in Texas after her nephew’s suicide.

Kara Lee Corthron Credit Jody ChristophersonWELCOME TO FEAR CITY

Tuesday, June 7 at 7pm
Written by Kara Lee Corthron
Directed by Elena Araoz
with W. Tre Davis, Rebecca S’manga Frank, Kevin R. Free, Christopher Livingston, Benja Kay Thomas & Chinaza Uche

It is July 1977 and the South Bronx is HOT: from a heat wave, from this new thing that would come to be known as “hip-hop,” and from an astounding number of fires burning the borough to the ground. E dreams of being a poet, but unemployment, a raging fiscal crisis, and a family on the brink of disaster drive him to ask a dangerous question: Can you love your ‘hood if you take part in its destruction? A play about a community trying to get by in the midst of crime, social apathy, poverty, and a whole new art form that’s about to electrify the world.


Friday, June 10 at 7pm
Written by Donnetta Lavinia Grays
Directed by Colette Robert
with Erin Cherry, W. Tre Davis, Kailah S. King, Lynnette R. Freeman & Keona Welch

10-year-old Sam takes a sudden overnight trip from her home in Georgia to Brooklyn with a drug-addicted woman she barely knows – her mother. But when her mom disappears in the middle of the night and Sam is left in the care of an aunt she has only just met, everyone’s life is turned upside down as they try to decipher the daunting mystery that is tearing their family apart.