Maggie Bofill*
Maggie Burke*
David Deblinger*
Wilemina Olivia Garcia*
Scott Hudson*
Salvatore Inzerillo*

*Labyrinth Theater Company Member

Dutch is a kind-hearted construction worker; a gentle giant perplexed and bewildered by New York’s hurried pace and uncaring attitudes. While setting tile one Sunday with a womanizing co-worker, Marty, we grow to share his confusion as he ruminates about his life and bumps into ever-bustling strangers. The drama escalates to a violent climax as the sweetly simple and immensely muscular Dutch finds himself unable to cope with the inhuman pace around him, all told by Glaudini’s gritty realism.

“Acted with the sweaty authenticity associated with Labyrinth… a fresh reminder oft he difficulties of staying human in the streets of New York“

The New York Times


 “The passionate actors of Labyrinth-who could breathe life into the day’s obituaries- are a thrill to watch.“

TimeOut New York