Elizabeth Canavan*
Liza Colón-Zayas*
David Deblinger*
Melissa Ross*
Mark Hammer*
Ron Cephas Jones*
Russell G. Jones*
Richard Petrocelli*
Al Roffe*
Felix Solis*
David Zayas*

*Labyrinth Theater Company Member

Set in the Ortiz Funeral home, Our Lady of 121st Street follows the reunions — some good, some bad — of a group of old friends who return to their old neighborhood after the death of a nun.

“Mr. Guirgis, who has one of the finest imaginations for dialogue to come along in years, has made sure each and every screamer is a distinctly drawn and sympathetic character whose human foibles are touching….Beautifully cast production, which has been brazenly directed in the spirit of high dudgeon by Philip Seymour Hoffman.”

– The New York Times

“Written, directed and played with desperate and fierce and funny life, “Our Lady of 121st Street” is exciting theater”

– New York Post

“Brilliant acting and gritty dialogue”

– Daily News