Jamie Dunn
Eric T. Miller

Labyrinth Theater, in association with The Alchemy Theatre, presents a new work by 2009 Creative Spirit Award winner Scott Hudson. Two newlyweds struggle to fortify themselves against forces both inside and outside in a funny, powerful and intimate love story to challenge our perceptions of marriage, faith and love.

Ruthie and Bo, two newlyweds, enter their honeymoon suite, a treehouse. Bo’s expectations of living happily ever after in the sky are soon grounded by Ruthie’s realization that marriage comes with many unforeseen–and frightening–challenges.

“Blends a fantastical setting with a longing for spiritual and carnal rapture…Sweet Storm stays with you like the freshness following a summer cloudburst.”

– The New York Times

“It takes only a few moments to realize these are characters to care about-highly appealing!”

– Backstage

“The script is remarkably controlled without feeling slick, and Jamie Dunn and Eric T. Miller give refreshing, uncynical perfs as a young couple troubled as much by love as by suffering. Padraic Lillis directs the subdued action to a T.”

– Variety