Elizabeth Canavan*
Stephen Ellis
Lisa Joyce*
Megan Mostyn-Brown*
Alfredo Narciso*
Deirdre O’Connell*
Aaron Roman Weiner*
David Zayas*

*Labyrinth Theater Company Member

Martin is debt ridden, gambling addicted, pissed as hell, and dying. Unfortunately his three estranged children couldn’t care less. Instead they argue with each other and everyone around them in a desperate struggle to do the right thing and mend their rapidly deteriorating lives. As the world around them crumbles, they are each surprised to discover family in unexpected places. Whether a spouse, a friend, or a chance encounter with a random stranger blood is often Thinner Than Water.

“Ms. Ross shows a deft balance of generosity and toughness toward her characters, tempering the raw moments with humor…Engaging play-intelligently wrought!”

– The New York Times

“A supremo cast makes neat work of Ross’s abrasive characters, while-Mimi O’Donnell explores the black humor of the piece from every ironic angle”

– Variety

“Zesty, muscular and quick-witted!..Labyrinth Theater Company’s stock-in-trade is emotional volatility and volubility-and Thinner Than Water-doesn’t disappoint!”

– Time Out