David Deblinger*
Yetta Gottesman*
Florencia Lozano*
Chris McGarry*
John Ortiz*
Paula Pizzi*

*Labyrinth Theater Company Member

In Where’s my Money? John Ortiz and David Deblinger star as two self-assured divorce attorneys possessed of rather aggressive and skewed attitudes toward their own marriages.

“Deblinger breathes life into the show, dishing out one liners with a comics precise timing.”

– Associated Press

“Mr. Stanley has directed this Labyrinth Theater production with expert pacing and with such a sure comic hand that all the actors shine.”

– The New York Times

“Shanley carefully establishes a boiling situation and teases it out, escalating the tension with Hitchcokian skill, and then, most impressively, he ends each scene with a theatrical jolt.”

– TimeOut New York